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May 16, 2019

Competition for Weight Loss— 90% More Effective

I have to admit I ❤️ to COMPLETE — with myself! I like the feeling of pushing myself to work harder, lift more, run faster, sweat more… You get the picture! But, DID YOU KNOW that COMPETITION IS SUPER GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Like 90% more effective!! Get competitive! A study published in the journal “Preventative Medicine Reports” compared different ways that weight loss routines motivate people to transform their health and found that COMPETITION was a far stronger motivator than just friendly support. (Attendance rates were 90 percent higher in the competitive groups than in the control group.) In […]
April 15, 2019
Christina Jordan - Fit Body Weight Loss

Summer 90 Day Challenge

The struggle is real! I am like most women and have personally faced issues with… 👉Body Image 👉Weight 👉Overeating 👉Emotional-eating 👉Endless dieting If anyone understands the struggles with weight loss it’s me! As a mom of three who personally lost 134 pounds myself and a Master Nutritionist I understand that we tend to beat ourselves up for not being PERFECT or where we want to be yet. We think that we need to be PERFECT to be ready to CHANGE… I promise, you do NOT! Imagine what would happen if all the energy you put into anxiety about your body, […]
January 6, 2019
Hottest Health Trend of 2019

Hottest Health Trend of 2019

STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY: Could this trend do more harm than good? We’ve all heard the saying that strong is the new skinny. Before it, the predecessor was skinny is the new beautiful. What is the newest mantra of 2019? HEALTHY IS THE NEW SKINNY. As a Board Certified Master Nutritionist, top 10 nutritionist in America, and a woman and mom of three who has lost over half my body size, 134 pounds, I believe HEALTHY is 2019’s hottest trend and what the majority of the population really desire as their New Year Goal. People are no longer looking for get thin quick promises, but rather a healthy approach that offers a feeling of vitality, energy, wellness and total wellbeing.
October 27, 2018
Weight Loss - Christina Jordan - Treat Your Self

3 Tips On How To Treat Yourself

Yes, you caught me with a tasty pistachio ice-cream cone in my hand! Even the Master Nutritionist enjoys a treat every now and then… Let me teach you how to TREAT, NOT CHEAT! The word “CHEAT” has such a negative tone. It makes you feel down, depressed, guilty and wrong. There is nothing wrong, or to feel bad about, enjoying a small slice of cake on your birthday or a handful of chocolate covered strawberries on your anniversary. However, there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to indulge. With the holiday season upon us, these three tips just […]
July 8, 2018
Christina Jordan Top 5 Thyroid Healing Foods

Christina’s top five thyroid healing foods

Christinas Top 5 Thyroid Healing Foods 1) Omega-3 Eggs: Packed with nearly every nutrient your thyroid needs for optimal function! This includes zinc, Salemme, iodine and omega-3’s. All of these are natural fat burners and perfect for thyroid health! 2) Spinach: This leafy green is a good source of thyroid boosting zinc as well as high doses of vitamin C and magnesium. All of these nutrients are proven to lower levels of stress hormones that drastically damage the thyroid! 3) Avocado: This amazing super food is a powerful combination of soothing good fats and natural amino acids that help our […]
July 5, 2018
Christina Jordan Fit Body Weight Loss

Top 10 Foods for Fast Weight Loss

Time EAT MORE & Stop Trying to be SKINNY! Are you ready to finally trim the fat off your body and get healthy? Well, then get ready to eat more— a lot MORE! I know what you’re thinking. Christina must be crazy! How can you eat more and lose weight and shed fat?! As a Master Nutritionist—who personally shed over HALF my size, equaling 134 pounds of unhealthy body fat, I can promise that I eat MORE now than I ever did when I was obese. When I first began my journey of losing over 130+ pounds my first instinct […]
July 5, 2018
Christina Jordan Fit Body Weight Loss

Hungry or Hormone Imbalance?

Are you hungry or are you experiencing a HORMONE imbalance in your body? Many times cravings are caused by spiked cortisol (stress), insulin (sugar spike and drop) and low amino acids (malnutrition). And YES, you can be overweight and malnourished! It’s SUPER important to make sure your HORMONES balanced and your body is well nourished with these awesome tips! 1) Skip the addicting hyper-palatable Foods. AKA goodbye junk food! 2) Eat more fiber. Fresh veggies and fruits are your best friends for weight loss and happy hormones. 3) Drink your water! Often times thirst is confused as hunger. In fact, […]
April 27, 2018
Christina Jordan Before After

How To Have A Fabulously Fit Summer!

Are you ready to shed the fat and look and feel your best this summer? As a Master Nutritionist and weight loss expert— who personally lost over half my body size (134 pounds)— I can assure you losing weight and reaching your goals does not require hours and hours in the gym. Even just 30 minutes daily at home will make a huge impact. Well then, let’s get started! (*As always, before beginning any new workout program be sure to wear appropriate shoes, drink plenty of water, eat a healthy meal or snack after and consult with your medical provider […]
March 24, 2018
Fit Body Weight Loss Forever Fit Elite Weight Loss Program

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health or Your Happiness to Lose Weight

Wherever I go, these go with me! I so LOVE the way my entire body (and mind) feels on these medical grade Fit Body supplements! This is my promise to you… At Fit Body Weight Loss you don’t have to sacrifice your health or your happiness to lose weight. We help you see results — all while enjoying a healthier, happier lifestyle! Healthy Life = FUN Life! As a Master Nutritionist, I make sure every bite of food, supplements, and even the skincare I (and my family) use are 100% organic and toxin free. I bring this same passion for […]
January 4, 2018
3 New Years Weight Loss Flaws

The 3 Flaws of New Years Weight Loss

As a Master Nutritionist, who personally lost 130+ pounds I might add, I work with people all over America to help them lose weight and get back on track with their nutrition. Of course, New Years opens the floodgates for those desperately dealing to shed the winter weight and get their body back after months of holiday treats. Here are the 3 Flaws that I find most frequently… Not Eating Enough Yes, you can lose weight without starving yourself! I know what you’re thinking— and no this does not mean you’re going to have to live in the gym full […]
January 1, 2018
Fit Body Weight Loss Viking Potato

The Purple Viking Potato – Your New Best Friend

Say HELLO to your new best friend— the Purple Viking Potato! As a Master Nutritionist who personally lost 130+ pounds these are my go-to when I’m craving fries. I’ve been able to maintain my healthy weight for over 10 years while continuing to enjoy Purple Potatoes several times per week. These little guys contain X4 times as much antioxidants than regular white potatoes. But that’s not all! 1. They lower BLOOD PRESSURE The health benefits of the Purple potato are similar to what the popular nutrient-rich providers broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts provide. And let’s not forget about the potassium […]
December 21, 2017
Fit Body Weight Loss Weight Loss Motivation

How to Stay Motivated For Weight Loss During the Holidays

Even the strongest of people crumble when faced with all the decadent treats and eats the holidays offer. We set our goal to lose the weight and begin. Then an hour later our co-worker graciously offers us a homemade cookie their child made. We stand there, cookie in hand, and sink our teeth into that mound of sugar deliciousness, while we lie to ourselves that it would be rude to decline— after all, it’s the holidays. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all done it. It’s hard to stay motivated during the festivities of the holidays, but as a […]