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How is Fit Body different than other weight loss clinics out there?

Fit Body Weight Loss offers our clients affordable, fast, safe and medically proven weight loss programs that are individualized for each client. We believe in taking a "one-on-one" approach to make sure every client receives the support they need to be successful. In addition, our medical grade weight loss supplements are created in our FDA approved medical lab located in America, and under the supervision of our medical director. Fit Body is able to offer a supportive, individualized experience with superior weight loss results at a fraction of the cost of many weight loss clinics.

Do I have to come into the office?

We offer weight loss programs for both clients in the state of Arizona and those who live elsewhere. We do offer ordering, refills and in-office consultations by appointment at our Mesa office, however many of our clients chose to have their weight loss products mailed directly to their home or office. We do our best to work around our client's needs and schedules.

What if I have a thyroid condition?

For those with an impaired (or removed) thyroid, Fit Body Weight Loss can still be highly effective as long as your condition is being properly controlled through medication.

What if I am diabetic?

Fit Body Weight Loss is appropriate for non-insulin dependent diabetics, with a dietary regimen that will help to stabilize and control blood sugar. We do not recommend the program for Type I or insulin-dependent diabetics.

What if I am taking medications?

Fit Body Weight Loss is compatible with most medications, including common drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. As your health improves due to weight loss and increased activity, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your medications in consultation with your physician.

What if I have high blood pressure?

Fit Body Weight Loss is designed to address the causes of high blood pressure, and as such can be beneficial for those suffering from this condition.

What if I have had Bariatric surgery?

If you’ve regained weight or failed to reach your goal after gastric bypass, sleeve or lap band surgery, Fit Body Weight Loss can provide the education and structure to help you reach and sustain a healthy weight.

What if I’m menopausal?

The hormonal fluctuations during menopause can contribute to weight gain, and can make it more difficult to lose weight when dieting. Nonetheless, you can still achieve meaningful results on Fit Body Weight Loss – though the pace of loss might be a bit slower than would otherwise be typical.

What if I’m over 65 years old?

Fit Body Weight Loss has clients in their 60’s-80’s who have succeeded on the program with a comparable rate of weight loss to those much younger.

What if I have mobility restrictions?

Fit Body Weight Loss offers a plan for all situations and will customize the program for each individual need. For example, instead of walking, you may substitute other physical activities that are more comfortable and achieve the same results. Even iff you are unable to be active in any way, it is still possible to lose weight on the program.

What if I have 100+ pounds to lose?

We specialize in weight loss and was founded by Christina Jordan who personally lost 130+ pounds. Those with 100 or more pounds to lose are most likely to see above average results, and we’d urge you to consider Fit Body Weight Loss as a safe and healthy alternative to surgery.

What if I have 5-10 pounds to lose?

No problem. Our Forever Fit program can help you shed those last few pounds.

What are the requirements?

Clients follow a structured healthy eating plan that helps speed up and maximize the metabolism, so careful adherence is essential for success. Alcohol, gluten and added sugars are restricted, as are certain foods or ingredients known to cause inflammation or promote fat storage. Light to moderate activity is also suggested.

What are the allowed foods?

There are over 1,000 choices of common, widely available healthy foods that you and your family can enjoy! No dieting, starving or pre-packed boxed meals to buy! We do recommend that you prepare your own healthy meals and snacks at home as often as possible. At Fit Body Weight Loss we teach our clients HOW to eat healthy for life!

Will I get enough nutrition?

The vast majority of Fit Body Weight Loss clients will receive far higher quality and healthier nutrition during the program than they did with prior eating patterns, even with lower calories. Many of our clients love the fact that they are actually eating MORE than before! (*Remember, NO diets allowed at Fit Body Weight Loss!)

What are the costs and does insurance cover my program?

At Fit Body Weight Loss we offer multiple programs to fit your budget. The typical investment ranges from $149-$399 per month based upon your individual needs. One major advantage is having the added benefit of being able to write off 100% of your program on your taxes as a medical expense. In addition, we are currently able to accept most HSA (Health Savings Account) and Flexible Spending Accounts to cover the cost of your program. Best of all, we offer our clients an all-inclusive weight loss experience with NO added hidden fees and also offer multi-family member discounts. Please call our office at 1-844-537-2408 for more information.

Will I be hungry?

Fit Body Weight Loss designed our programs to effectively combat the physiological and emotional causes of cravings and hunger. This is achieved through a combination of factors including healthy nutritional, balancing of metabolic hormone levels, controlling appetite, and our approach to stabilizing blood sugar levels through our medical grade supplements.

Will I lose muscle?

No. Unlike restrictive diets that use simple calorie restriction, Fit Body Weight Loss is designed to target and reduce fat, not lean mass.

Can’t I just lose on my own?

Most people aren’t successful on their own because of the large amount of misinformation about dieting and the generations of incorrect education about nutrition. Plus, dieting on your own does not address the other hormone or metabolic factors that could be preventing weight loss. Fit Body Weight Loss has done the research for you and created a proven, reliable system for weight loss success.

What kind of results can I expect?

Fit Body offers a one of a kind weight loss program that allows people to release excess fat safely and quickly, while still keeping health and energy as the top priority. Many lose one to three pounds per day and as much as 30 to 37 pounds in the first month! These results are achieved by combining the healthy Fit Body Eating Program with the homeopathic Fit Body support products, which are then all combined with the years of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the weight loss experts at Fit Body Weight Loss. The results are unquestionable! Many have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for half a decade! Every single man and woman who have followed this program has reported losing weight and reaching a hight level in their health!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! With a 100% success rate (every client loses weight) you can be sure you will achieve real weight loss results without the risk of carrying the extra unhealthy weight, enduring the pain or risk of surgery or waisting your money with crash diets or diet pills. The first priority at Fit Body is to see you healthy and from that you will see the fruit of weight loss.

Will I be hungry?

No! In fact, most clients report feeling full and that they eat more now than they ever have! By following the Fit Body Eating Plan you will be nourishing your body with delicious healthy foods that will leave you feeling energized, satisfied and fueled for your day. Best of all, you enjoy all the healthy foods you love, such as fruits, veggies and lean proteins. You are even allowed a little cheat treat once in a while. Our support supplements will allow your body to metabolized the fat on your body and burn it for added fuel, leaving you feeling energized, in control over your appetite and never in need of food for energy. When following this program you will never reach a point of starvation or deprivation. You will feel recharged and refreshed and losing weight like never before!

Is it hard to follow?

Not at all! Most have said this is the easiest weight loss program they have ever followed because it’s based on health. You are guided by the step by step Fit Body Eating Plan and given clear, easy to follow instructions on how to take your support supplements. In addition, you enjoy the freedom of selecting what and when you want to eat. Fit Body created this program to help men and women lose weight while still living a busy life.

Is it affordable?

Yes! After seeing how expensive some weight loss programs out there can be, Fit Body wanted to offer men and women and affordable and safe way to lose the weight. Even those on strict budgets are able to participate by simply skipping one fast food trip a week. Best of all, there are no added costs for pre-packaged foods or gym memberships. Many report saving money because they no longer waste their hard earned dollars on empty calorie junk foods or sugary, expensive coffee drinks.

What about exercise?

It is recommended that you do only light exercise while entering your first phase of the Fit Body Weight Loss Programs. Walking, Yoga, Pilates, lighter weight lifting (resistance) is great to keep up your strength. Stay away from high calorie burning exercises (ex. Running, aerobics). Over exercising will cause the body to go into starvation mode and hold on to the fat, fighting against you in your weight loss journey. Once you reach your ideal weight you are free to exercise as much or as little as you like.

How do I keep track of my weight?

It is important to weigh yourself and keep track of your success, but don't stress over a number on the scale. Remember do not weight more than once per month. Focus on being healthy. Not skinny.

Will I regain the weight back?

Not usually. Once you have reached your weight loss goal your metabolism is now reset and you are then converted to a maintenance healthy eating program to follow as an ongoing part of your new healthy lifestyle. Most remain eating healthy and remain within 10 pounds of their goal for at least a decade. If you do end up regaining a few pounds during the holidays for example, it is perfectly safe to restart the Fit Body Weight Loss program to lose the few extra pounds.

Best advice you can offer to someone looking to lose weight?

I know you may have been through years of failures in your health. The SAD (Standard American Diet) has left million, even billions of people hurting, sick and over weight. Our country has now reached epidemic, record- breaking levels of of obesity in children and adults. Today, I want to bring the truth that no matter where you live, how old you are, how much money you make, what race you are, you can be free from obesity. A new season of liberty in your health is coming! Don’t give up on yourself my friend. Today is a new day and you have the ability to reach your goals!” -Christina Jordan (Master Nutritionist), Lost 130+ lbs. & Co-Founder of Fit Body Weight Loss)

How Do I Learn More?

Request a Phone Consultation, Get Personalized Program Options and Pricing, and Receive Special Offers by calling 1-844-537-2408 or email us at