3 Tips On How To Treat Your Self

Yes, you caught me with a tasty pistachio ice-cream cone in my hand! Even the Master Nutritionist enjoys a treat every now and then… Let me teach you how to TREAT, NOT CHEAT!

The word “CHEAT” has such a negative tone. It makes you feel down, depressed, guilty and wrong. There is nothing wrong, or to feel bad about, enjoying a small slice of cake on your birthday or a handful of chocolate covered strawberries on your anniversary. However, there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to indulge.

With the holiday season upon us, these three tips just may save you a lot of heartache, a stomach ache and frustration.

Here are my 3 TIPS TO TREAT YO SELF!

1. Treat, don’t cheat. A treat is an intentional choice YOU make. You have to make a logical and non-emotional choice to enjoy an item. You are in charge and not the other way around.

2. Treat only once per week and only one meal per week. this is NOT a treat day or weeklong event. Pick one item and truly enjoy it— without guilt–once per week. Why? Because studies published by multiple sources show that indulging more than two times in a row can create a new BAD HABIT that will take an average of 66-68 days to break. Not worth it!

3. Prepare to treat. This means drink lots of water before/during/after, take a Detoxifying supplement to help ensure you are able to digest and flush any toxins, and lastly, don’t be surprised if your stomach rebels at the first sign of sugar.

(*I also highly suggest paring sugar with high protein to help even out the insulin spike. For example, have a grilled protein dish and veggies if you want to indulge afterwards with ice-cream, cake or your special treat of choice.)

So there you have it! Yes, you can indulge, but do so the smart and healthy way!