Christina’s top five thyroid healing foods

Christinas Top 5 Thyroid Healing Foods

1) Omega-3 Eggs: Packed with nearly every nutrient your thyroid needs for optimal function! This includes zinc, Salemme, iodine and omega-3’s. All of these are natural fat burners and perfect for thyroid health!

2) Spinach: This leafy green is a good source of thyroid boosting zinc as well as high doses of vitamin C and magnesium. All of these nutrients are proven to lower levels of stress hormones that drastically damage the thyroid!

3) Avocado: This amazing super food is a powerful combination of soothing good fats and natural amino acids that help our body make the optimal amount of thyroid hormones. Not to mention, all the healthy fat is excellent for better cognitive function and mood. Try adding an avocado to your daily diet.

4) Almonds: These type of nuts are low acidic and offer thyroid boosting vitamin E, Celerion and magnesium. The healthy fats that are also in these nuts will also help with that or skin health, brain functioning and overall mood.

5) Salmon: This fantastic fish is packed with thyroid boosting omega-3s and iodine. This powerful combination help keeps your thyroid healthy and is a staple to Christina‘s diet. She enjoys baked, raw or grilled salmon three to four times per week.

BONUS: Apples! Apples and one of nature’s best healing foods. The old saying is correct, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away! Frequent apple consumption has been clinically linked to less thyroid issues. In fact, apples contain a special fiber called pectin which bind toxins that can attack and weaken the thyroid. A bonus to pectin is that it actually also helps you feel fuller making it natures perfect appetite suppressant!