Hungry or Hormone Imbalance?

Are you hungry or are you experiencing a HORMONE imbalance in your body? Many times cravings are caused by spiked cortisol (stress), insulin (sugar spike and drop) and low amino acids (malnutrition). And YES, you can be overweight and malnourished!

It’s SUPER important to make sure your HORMONES balanced and your body is well nourished with these awesome tips!

1) Skip the addicting hyper-palatable Foods. AKA goodbye junk food!

2) Eat more fiber. Fresh veggies and fruits are your best friends for weight loss and happy hormones.

3) Drink your water! Often times thirst is confused as hunger. In fact, one significant sign of dehydration is craving salts and fats. So drink up and don’t forget to add fresh fruits to enhance flavor and improve nutrition.

4) Get your beauty rest! Deep sleep is vital for lowering cortisol (stress hormones) and replenishing HGH (human growth hormones).

5) Sip Green Tea! This herbal beverage is a known natural appetite suppressant and anti-aging enhancer!

6) Eat your proteins! Lean protein is proven to lower stress hormones and boost your amino acid levels for faster fat loss and less stress hormones.

Hope this helps you in your journey.