Top 5 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Know

As a Master Nutritionist and mom of three, who’s lost 130+ pounds naturally — Here’s my TOP 5 Healthy Habits every girl should know!

1) Never, ever, EVER starve yourself to lose weight. It leads to malnutrition, hormone imbalance and serious health issues.

2) Focus on being HEALTHY not skinny! When you place too much emphasis on a “perfect” number or size and not on living a healthy lifestyle it can negatively effect your body and emotional health.

3) Lift weights and do strength training exercises. I promise you won’t turn into “She-Hulk” and you will love your strong, sexy physique.

4) Ditch FAKE, chemically saturated food and replace it with REAL, organic food. Try to add more fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, grass raised beef and dairy, pasture raised eggs and poultry, and wild harvested seafood into your daily eating. Your body — especially your digestive track— will thank you for this!

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help— but ONLY from friends, family or experts who have already achieved what you want to do! This is the number one error I see in the weight loss industry— all these “perfect” fitness model men and women who’ve never had a weight problem (or children) telling those suffering from obesity how to get healthy. Knowledge and wisdom are two totally different things. The fact is, if I were traveling into foreign land, I would prefer a guide with wisdom of the land, who knows the hardships and how to successfully avoid the mistakes. But that’s just my opinion and to each their own.

Over all, these TOP 5 TIPS have helped me transform not only my health, but my entire life! They’ve also helped thousands of my nutrition clients all over the country. Feel free to give them a try and enjoy the fruitful rewards of a leaner physique, more energy and greater overall wellness.