How To Vision Board For Beginners

Without VISION we are lost. I really enjoy the process of making vision boards. I’ve done this throughout my 134 pound weight loss journey. It helps me take all my ideas, far off dreams and goals and get them so I can see them. Here’s a few tips that helped me get going:

1) Dig deep! Don’t be a cliche and do whatever someone else does. Really show what YOU desire.

2) Try to find images that speak to YOU. This needs to be fully you represented.

3) Don’t rush it! Take your time and enjoy the process. It’s an amazing opportunity to reflect on what’s really in your heart.

4) It’s OKAY if you’re NOT crafty! I’m so NOT crafty! In fact, I made this board on my iPad as a digital vision board. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look Pinterest worthy. Just create yours!

5) Once you’ve created your vision board now you need to turn each item you placed on there into an action. Don’t just put it on paper and stare at it, wishing one day you could have that or do that. Instead, take action! If you want to lose weight, for example, then do something today that will help you lose weight. If you want to become or step into a new career, then do something about it! If you want to learn to do something or become something, you must take action. It does not just happen because you created a board and look at it. This is all about inspiring you to take action!

Bottom line is this, we have heard many times that without a vision we will fail. Whether you have health goals, relationship goals, financial goals, personal development goals, or even family goals, you have to create a plan of what your vision and goals are. I encourage you to take some time this month to just simply reflect on what is hidden deep in your heart.