How To Have A Fabulously Fit Summer!

Are you ready to shed the fat and look and feel your best this summer? As a Master Nutritionist and weight loss expert— who personally lost over half my body size (134 pounds)— I can assure you losing weight and reaching your goals does not require hours and hours in the gym. Even just 30 minutes daily at home will make a huge impact. Well then, let’s get started!

(*As always, before beginning any new workout program be sure to wear appropriate shoes, drink plenty of water, eat a healthy meal or snack after and consult with your medical provider if you have any health concerns that would prevent you from beginning this workout program.)

As a busy career woman and mom of three, short, intense cardio workouts combined with strength training are by far my favorite training method. By adding 2-4 HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions to your workout routine, you can get major fat burning benefits in a short period of time– not to mention increase your metabolism and improve your mood.

There have been countless studies done on this type of training and the evidence is unquestionable: HIIT burns more fat than any other workout style! Best of all, this requires no equipment. All you will need is a timer that is most likely available right on your smartphone.

Here’s a sample of my Summer Body Ready Workout:

Warm Up: 5 minutes. Start out with a light jog in place and slowly increase the speed until you are full force jogging in place. Do 30-second intervals of jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, and jump rope to get that heart rate up.

Stretch It Out: 3 minutes of stretching. Be sure to stretch out your legs, arms, neck, and core. We don’t want to pull or injure anything.

Time To Turn Up The Heat – 8 Minute HIIT Fat Blaster Moves!

Do each of the following moves for 8 seconds. Be sure to go as hard as you can! You want to be between an 8 and 10 on the exertion meter. Take a 12-second rest between each move; you should be around a 3 at this point.

Listen to your body to find out what your “8-10″ range is as everyone’s physical fitness level is different. Do the same adjustments for the rest interval. Your body should feel somewhat recovered–but, don’t confuse being tired for being physically unable to do it!

Don’t forget to SET YOUR TIMER!

Repeat this sequence 4 Times.

Let’s HIIT IT:

1. Lateral Hops: 8 Sec.

/Jog in place 12 sec.

2. Sprint In Place: 8 Sec.

/Jump rope 12 sec.

3. Jumping Jacks: 8 Sec.

/Jog in place 12 sec.

4. Double Jump Knee Ups: 8 Sec. (Skip if bad knees)

/Jump rope 12 sec.

5. Mountain Climbers: 8 Sec.

/Jog in place 12 sec.

6. Burpees: 8 Sec.

/Jump rope 12 sec.

7. Plank: 60 Sec.

/Jog in place 12 sec.

repeat 4xs

Cool It Down: March it out for 2 minutes. Follow it by 5 to 10 minutes of stretching depending on your flexibility needs. I also like to incorporate some wonderful yoga moves during my cool down.

Be sure to be consistent with this fat burning workout and you will find yourself fabulously fit for summer!

SPECIAL NOTE: please know that every person has a different body type and will respond differently to each routine. If at any time you have questions please feel free to contact Christina’s nutrition clinic at Fit Body Weight Loss at 844-537-2408 or send an email at

Wishing you much success in your fitness goals!