How To Have Your Own “Organic” Spa Day At Home

Have you ever just felt like you needed a vacation— Like right NOW!? However, jetting off to some exotic spa was not in the plans today, so as a Master Nutritionist I decided to create my own home organic spa day. When you really need to relax and detoxify and here’s how YOU can enjoy your own little SPA DAY at home… You’re welcome!

Step One:

Avocado and charcoal face mask. Combine ingredients and leave on for one hour. Skin will be so soft, smooth and totally detoxified.

Step Two:

Coconut oil hair mask. Take two tablespoons of organic coconut oil and place in a bowl. Warm till liquid and apply all over hair. Leave for one hour then rinse. Even the dryers of hair will be soft and shiny!

Step Three:

Detox Water is a combo of lemon, lime and mandarin oranges with water. Enjoy all day long as you relax and detoxify your body. I try to drink at least a gallon of water if I feel I need to detox. This will help your skin glow and banish bloating!

Step Four:

Detox Rx supplements for purifying and detoxing your intestines, liver, kidneys and blood. This is all focused on detoxing the entire body from the inside out and help to allow fat metabolism to increase. I take this daily to banish bloating, improve digestion, control cravings and keep my skin clear of acne. Here is the link to the one I personally use as a Master Nutritionist and created for my patients to also use at home: Click Here To Check Out Detox RX

Step Five:

Find a quiet spot in the sunshine to relax, meditate or read. 10 minutes I’d direct sunshine has been proven to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve mood.

These simple steps can help your body re-boot after a stressful workday or even a great workout. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles or spend big bucks to feel like you’ve gone to a world-class spa. Give my home spa day a try and I promise you’ll feel like a million bucks afterward!