November 2017 – Fit Body Weight Loss


November 25, 2017
How To Cure A Holiday Hangover

How to Cure a Food Hangover

The holidays are in full swing and all partake in the festivities. The parties, events, platters of cookies, pans of gooey fudge, holiday-inspired spirits and lattes. Overeating is not only acceptable, it’s expected during the holidays! Eating too much sugar, salt and fat can wreak havoc on one’s body and can give you a food hangover the next morning. Here’s how to cure the effects of an overindulgence Hangover. Yes, a Food Hangover is a REAL thing! Let’s just lay all our cards on the table: You’ve had food hangovers, and we’ve had food hangovers. We’ve all had a food […]
November 17, 2017
Fit Body Weight Loss Eat Raw

The Nutritionist’s Guide for Eating Raw

Some like them hot, some like them not… vegetables that is! As a Master Nutritionist, who also personally overcame Type 2 Diabetes and lost an incredible 130+ pounds, I have found FRESH is Best when it comes to produce. By eating this way I was able to overcome multiple health conditions, including insulin resistance– which lead to massive weight loss. However, whether you want to lose 50 pounds, or just simply live your healthiest, one thing is certainly important: Eating fresh foods in plenty! Today we are talking about raw vs. cooked vegetables and which is best and why. All […]