June 2017 – Fit Body Weight Loss


June 19, 2017
Christina Jordan Water

WATER: Missing Key Ingredient to Weight Loss

WATER: Missing Key Ingredient to Weight Loss Are you drinking enough H2O? Feeling sluggish, bloated, dizzy or have a headache? Or perhaps your skin looks less than plump and vibrant.Your body could be needing more water! If you’re ready to shed some extra pounds this summer you may want to include is wonder drink into your daily rituals. Drinking enough water is vital for great health. Especially during the hot summer days! It hydrates your skin, improves digestion, flushes toxins and fats, and even helps you lose weight! After losing over 130+ pounds (without surgery) I have found water is […]
June 8, 2017
Christina Jordan Master Nutritionist

Health Starts In The Kitchen

Health 100% starts in the kitchen! 10 years ago I began my journey to losing 130+ pounds and healing my body of Type 2 Diabetes. The #1 factor with weight loss and health is NUTRITION. When I started I had no idea what to eat, I was a terrible cook (ask my husband) and my body was so stressed from overworking. I thought I had NO TIME to cook or eat healthy– so I would starve all day and then finally out of starvation scarf down some horrible fast food. From all this my body went into CRISIS MODE and […]