Nutritional Counseling

Eating Right

Eating a balanced diet rich with vitamins and nutrients is important and vital for obtaining a healthy weight.

Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling (*All our clients benefit from this service.)

Proper nutrition helps with weight control, disease prevention and helping you feel happy and healthy on a daily basis. Fit Body Weight Loss offers private and group one-hour Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling sessions to help guide you on the right path to a healthy weight, eating healthfully, increasing your energy levels and reducing your risk of chronic disease. Feel free to bring your significant other or child and get ready to be motivate, inspired and educated on how to live the happy, healthy, energized life you deserve!

Our Fit Body Nutritional Counseling Session Includes:

• Healthy eating plan
• Fit Body recommended protein
• Exercise plan
• Workout video
• Daily Strength Training Routine
• Healthy shopping list
• Menu planning
• Weight in
• Measurements
• Before\After photos
• Fit Tips
• Personal Access to your Nutritional Weight Loss Coach
• Support you need to lose the weight

Many Fit Body Weight Loss clients who opt for Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling support often benefit from a variety of conditions such as:

• Weight control
• Childhood overweight/obesity
• Diabetes
• Digestive disorders
• General nutrition/wellness/healthy eating
• Gerontology nutrition
• Gluten intolerance
• Heart health
• Kidney disorders
• Eating disorders
• Food addictions
• Stress induced weight gain

With our help, you can attain the ideal weight you have always wanted, increase your energy levels and look and feel happy and healthy!

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 1-844-537-2408 or you can use our online Request an Appointment form.

Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling: $59


Fit Body offers three great ways for our clients to receive Nutritional Weight Loss Counseling, in-office, over the phone or in the comfort of your home, office or other private setting. We realize that many times busy schedules, living far away from our office or physical handicaps can prevent some from coming to our office. Fit Body Weight Loss is happy to offer our clients convenient MOBILE COUNSELING for $59.

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