January 2018 – Fit Body Weight Loss


January 23, 2018
Christina Jordan Spa Day a tHome

How To Have Your Own “Organic” Spa Day At Home

Have you ever just felt like you needed a vacation— Like right NOW!? However, jetting off to some exotic spa was not in the plans today, so as a Master Nutritionist I decided to create my own home organic spa day. When you really need to relax and detoxify and here’s how YOU can enjoy your own little SPA DAY at home… You’re welcome! Step One: Avocado and charcoal face mask. Combine ingredients and leave on for one hour. Skin will be so soft, smooth and totally detoxified. Step Two: Coconut oil hair mask. Take two tablespoons of organic coconut […]
January 15, 2018
Fit Body Weight Loss Vampire Soup

Learn To Make This Flu-Fighting Soup

Made this immune boosting, muscle building, flu-fighting soup today! I’ve nicknamed it “Vampire Soup” because of the large amounts of garlic, which is also known as “Russian Antibiotics” for its impressive antibacterial properties. With flu season up in some states over 700+%, this is with having on hand and a must try if you or your family feel run-down or under the weather. As a Master Nutritionist, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the Earth’s healthiest edibles into my dishes… I think this soup takes home the trophy for its delicious, robust flavors, healthy properties and how EASY it […]
January 11, 2018
Foods That Heals

Foods That Heal (Fight the Flu & Colds)

Chicken soup There’s a reason your grandma always had a bowl of this at the first sign of sniffles. Not only does chicken soup provide the fluids you need to help fight off viruses, but it also reduces inflammation that triggers symptoms and leads to more colds. In addition, the added protein boosts cell growth. Citrus— especially lemons. When life hands you lemons, make lemon water and lemon tea! Lemons are one of the few fruits in the citrus family that actually improves the production of white blood cells which fight free radicals. In addition, they are anti-bacterial which will […]
January 4, 2018
3 New Years Weight Loss Flaws

The 3 Flaws of New Years Weight Loss

As a Master Nutritionist, who personally lost 130+ pounds I might add, I work with people all over America to help them lose weight and get back on track with their nutrition. Of course, New Years opens the floodgates for those desperately dealing to shed the winter weight and get their body back after months of holiday treats. Here are the 3 Flaws that I find most frequently… Not Eating Enough Yes, you can lose weight without starving yourself! I know what you’re thinking— and no this does not mean you’re going to have to live in the gym full […]
January 1, 2018
Fit Body Weight Loss Viking Potato

The Purple Viking Potato – Your New Best Friend

Say HELLO to your new best friend— the Purple Viking Potato! As a Master Nutritionist who personally lost 130+ pounds these are my go-to when I’m craving fries. I’ve been able to maintain my healthy weight for over 10 years while continuing to enjoy Purple Potatoes several times per week. These little guys contain X4 times as much antioxidants than regular white potatoes. But that’s not all! 1. They lower BLOOD PRESSURE The health benefits of the Purple potato are similar to what the popular nutrient-rich providers broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts provide. And let’s not forget about the potassium […]