Top 3 Reasons WE Eat Healthy & Workout Together!

Who needs couples therapy when you can knock out a few rounds in the gym?

Totally joking 😜, but couples can greatly benefit from working out and eating healthy together. Studies show that couples who commit to living a healthy lifestyle together tend to have less arguments and a deeper emotional connection. Plus, the benefits of looking and feeling your healthiest are also not so bad either!

Over the last 10 years we’ve committed as a couple to eating healthy and working out together daily. While I’ve lost 134 pounds and overcome Type 2 Diabetes, my husband, Derek, has gained 20 pounds of muscle, shed the spare tire and learned how to eat for nutrition, mental clarity and energy. After nearly 17 years of marriage, three kids, multiple businesses and a super busy life we’ve found that making time for health is a must to a happy, successful life and a happy, strong marriage!

Here’s our top 3 reasons to get your partner involved in your health goals:

1. Training keeps us mentally in check.

It’s a stress outlet for us as busy parents and business owners. We turn our emotions into energy, sweat out whatever we’re feeling, and always walk way a healthier, happier human. This is alway a WIN in marriage!

2. It feels amazing to workout– maybe not at first, but after.

Our bodies were made to be active. You gain not just muscle but flexibility, stamina and a stronger sense of self confidence when you’re working hard and giving it your all. There’s no better project to work on than yourself. How awesome that we can team up with our best friend in this journey. As a couple we can hold one another accountable and motivate each other to keep going!

3. It’s actually really fun to cook and plan workouts together.

It establishes camaraderie between us– we are one team! Life can pull each of us in a thousand different directions, but we can come together for healthy meals and a workout. Choosing to do this journey together has allowed us to build our body while building our relationship in a positive way. Not to mention eating healthy and working out increases the hormones serotonin and oxytocin, which are both hormones that improve mood, increase feelings of happiness and even improves the romance department. #WINNING!

Bottom line, every relationship can benefit from perks of a healthy lifestyle. From more energy, stamina, to less stress, improved health and unity. It’s always more fun to share the heathy lifestyle journey with those you love.