WATER: Missing Key Ingredient to Weight Loss

WATER: Missing Key Ingredient to Weight Loss

Are you drinking enough H2O? Feeling sluggish, bloated, dizzy or have a headache? Or perhaps your skin looks less than plump and vibrant.Your body could be needing more water! If you’re ready to shed some extra pounds this summer you may want to include is wonder drink into your daily rituals.

Drinking enough water is vital for great health. Especially during the hot summer days! It hydrates your skin, improves digestion, flushes toxins and fats, and even helps you lose weight!

After losing over 130+ pounds (without surgery) I have found water is a key ingredient to weight loss success. One of my first actions when I began my weight loss journey was to cut out sugary soda and replaced it with water. I personally aim for one gallon of water each day.

Now as a Master Nutritionist I’ve discovered that by drinking at least a gallon of water my body functions at its best and my digestive system is operating at its full potential. This equals less bloating, a flatter stomach and plumper, more supple skin. Plus, the added health benefits of flushing harmful toxins that can zap energy, lower immune system and can negatively effect your mood.

Additionally, a new study has found that drinking 500ml of water – around a pint – before eating helps obese adults lose weight. I was already doing this a decade ago and found it was quite helpful for overcoming sugar cravings. Over 12 weeks, the study participants changed nothing about their lifestyle other than dramatically upping their water intake and cutting out sugary juices and sodas. Drinking a pint of water before every meal made the participants feel more full, and they were less inclined to overeat. (I also would like to point out that the pre-meal water may have helped in the digestion of the meal and allowed the participants to get better absorption of nutrients.) As a result, the participants lost an average of 10 pounds just by hydrating. How’s that for easy weight loss?!

Chances are if you’re on a mission to shed extra pounds water may be the missing key ingredient to your success. Will you try drinking more water to improve your weight loss efforts? As a Master Nutritionist, who also personally lost over 130+ pounds naturally, I highly recommend you give it a try. So drink up and enjoy!

Christina Jordan
(Master Nutritionist)