Health Starts In The Kitchen

Health 100% starts in the kitchen! 10 years ago I began my journey to losing 130+ pounds and healing my body of Type 2 Diabetes. The #1 factor with weight loss and health is NUTRITION. When I started I had no idea what to eat, I was a terrible cook (ask my husband) and my body was so stressed from overworking. I thought I had NO TIME to cook or eat healthy– so I would starve all day and then finally out of starvation scarf down some horrible fast food. From all this my body went into CRISIS MODE and my metabolic hormones shut down. In less than a year I packed on an extra 22 pounds, despite STARVING myself on a daily basis! Can you relate?

As a Master Nutritionist I’ve learned the value and importance of eating. YOU MUST EAT TO BE HEALTHY! What most are surprised at is YOU MUST EAT TO LOSE THE WEIGHT! Yes, your body needs nutrition to function and to release stored body fat.

At Fit Body Weight Loss we actually teach our clients how to eat healthy. We NEVER starve you or force you to count calories, macros or skip meals. This is NOT A DIET! This is a healthy lifestyle program that allows you to restrain your body and brings balance back to your metabolic hormones.

If you’re ready to get healthy, lose the weight and finally make “friends” with your food my team and I would LOVE to help you. Our expert Naturopathic Nutrition Specialist, Mendi Jacobi, and myself are passionate about helping others discover your healthiest life.

At Fit Body Weight Loss we off ALL-NATURAL, healthy weight loss programs and Nutritional Counseling that helps men and women lose the weight– long term. We would love to schedule to come see us this week. Call our office to schedule at 1-844-537-2408 or visit us online at

Remember, it’s by about getting SKINNY, it’s about getting HEALTHY– and from that a HEALTHY WEIGHT will follow!

Hugs, ~Christina
(Master Nutritionist)